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Nigeria: A Land of Milk and Irony
There are many things under the sun that confound me, but this one completely beats my mind beyond measure. What
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Life is all about making choices. Right from when we were little, all we did was choose from one option
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NYSC’s SAED: A National Embarrassment
The NYSC contraption had since lost direction and has plunged into any and every direction in several failed attempts to
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Man, his God, and the contradictions inbetween
I have found it absolutely pertinent to query some thoughts that have gone unchallenged for a very long time. These
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Life Coaching: A Hoax
The idea of being the life coach of another is arguably the funniest idea to ever be seen or heard.
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How conscious are you?
How much of your waking moments can you truly ascribe to conscious decision making? Can you remember exactly how you
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Love or Lust?
One day, I sat and listened to a fair lady talk about love. She eloquently explored the topic, from agape
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What would they think?
When we were young, there was a freedom in our thoughts, words and actions. We lived according to our free
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NIgerian Smoke
The Opium of Nigerian Youths
I just uninstalled my Twitter app and like every drug addict, I am going through withdrawal symptoms. Mindless scrolling through
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The very act of life is death. The progression from birth to death brings about learning and growth. Learning and
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